Mochima National Park

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2Mochima National Park is formed by mountains and sea. It is located at the northwest of Venezuela and it has an area of 95935 ha. The park is in between the cities of Barcelona, Puerto La Cruz and Cumana. As most of the natural parks in Venezuela, Mochima is very diverse and exotic and counts with its unique beauty.  The combination of mountain and sea allows the tourist to enjoy diverse activities.

The park counts with numerous sandy and palm tree beaches (around 80 kms of seashore) and also with islands (many of them remote and unvisited, considered virgin islands) which you can reach by local boats.

At the high mountains you can find exhuberant vegetation (18% of which are endemic species) including ferns and orchids. At the lowland you can find lizards, iguanas, rabbits, snakes, pelicans and other seabirds.

The park counts with several nesting ground for seaturtles (4 diferent species) and seabirds.
If you adventure into the islands (36 of them) you most likely will have the company of dolphins.  With luck sometimes you can also see the Pygmy Bryde’s whale.
The great sea diversity of Mochima makes it an ideal place for scuba diving.
Within the park you will find small town with the name of the beaches where you can make arrangements for the bost trips to the islands, scuba diving or snokling and can also buy local handcraft. 

The park has been considered endangered by the unresponsable commerce of endemic and fragile fauna and flora by the locals, so be carefull with what you purchase to avoid promoting these activities and encourage the care of the parks natural reserve.

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